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SanDERA Executive Committee

SanDERA’s Executive Committee is composed of six members ­– two from SDUSD and three from UCSD. SDUSD members include Ron Rode, Director of Research and Evaluation, and Leah Baylon, Educational Research Specialist.  UCSD members are Julian Betts, SanDERA’s Executive Director, Andy Zau, Senior Statistician, and Dina Polichar, Research Data Analyst.  (Karen Bachofer, retired SanDERA Director, also pictured.)

SanDERA Executive Committee 2013

Executive Committee: Andy Zau, Leah Baylon, Julian Betts, Karen Bachofer, Ron Rode, and Dina Polichar

The SanDERA Executive Committee is responsible for:

  • working with SDUSD leadership and the SanDERA Board of Advisors to develop and carry out SanDERA’s research agenda,
  • establishing the SanDERA Board of Advisors and convening biannual Board of Advisors meetings,
  • overseeing ongoing research projects and related publications,
  • ensuring data quality and security,
  • maintaining effective communication with the SDUSD Board of Education, senior leadership, and the SanDERA Board of Advisors,
  • disseminating research findings,
  • collaborating with external research partners and funders to support SanDERA’s research agenda, and
  • coordinating the activities of SDUSD and UCSD staff.