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SanDERA Board of Advisors

The SanDERA Board of Advisors, co-chaired by the Executive Director of SanDERA and the Director of the SDUSD Office of Research and Development, provides advice to the Executive Committee on SanDERA policies, practices, products, and publications. The Board of Advisors is composed of up to 12 standing members.  Up to two ad hoc members may be temporarily added to the Board of Advisors if their areas of expertise or interest are aligned with specific research projects or needed to address issues related to a particular study.

The Board of Advisors is responsible for:

  • advising the Executive Committee on issues related to SanDERA’s research agenda and ongoing research projects,
  • providing early feedback on research products,
  • supporting dissemination activities, including public forums, and
  • informing colleagues and constituents about the work of SanDERA.

Board of Advisors Membership

Board of Advisors members have an interest in contributing to the field of education research – specifically the research being conducted by SanDERA – and a willingness to support SanDERA’s mission, purpose, and guiding principles.  Members represent a variety of perspectives on the challenges faced by schools and school districts, are affiliated with a range of organizations and institutions across San Diego, and are racially/ethnically diverse.

Three members of the Board of Advisors represent colleges and universities in the San Diego area and three members represent San Diego Unified School District (SDUSD). These six members, who are appointed by their respective institutions, are considered institutional members of the Board of Advisors.

Institutional Members

College/University Representatives

  • University of California at San Diego (UCSD)
  • San Diego State University (SDSU)
  • San Diego Community College District (SDCCD)

District Representatives

  • SDUSD Superintendent
  • San Diego Education Association (SDEA)
  • Administrators Association of San Diego (AASD)

Individual Members

Three members of the Board of Advisors represent parents and community organizations in the San Diego area and three members represent the business, philanthropic, and/or civic community. These six members, who are presented to the SanDERA Board of Advisors by the Executive Committee are individual members.